At its inception, Verse Group developed a strategy and set of core values that have remained at the centre of everything we do.

Our business strategy statement is powerful, yet simple –

“At Verse Group our vision is to be the most admired and trusted recruitment specialists”

Our Core Values are –

  1. The Customer is at the centre of everything we do
  2. We lead by example
  3. Everyone is the custodian of our culture
  4. We do not compromise our values for commercial gain
  5. No BS

Learn more about the straight-talking, no-nonsense Verse Group team.

About Verse Group

About Verse Group

Many recruitment consultancies require staff to fit their consultancy’s mould and follow procedures to the letter. Here at Verse we employ consultants who have an entrepreneurial flair. We want our consultants to build their brand and make their relationships because people buy from people.

We encourage our staff to be different

We believe it’s this different approach to the industry norm that has made us successful in a short period.

We wanted our boutique agency to beat the average, and the results speak for themselves. Verse Group is now recognised as one of WA’s leading technology recruiters, by both candidates and clients. We are attracting some of the largest commercial and government recruiters and matching them to some of the brightest minds in the industry who trust us with their careers.

We’re now replicating our ICT industry success across different sectors using specialist recruitment consultants. All our consultants are passionate about being recognised as leaders in their field. Their wealth of experience, often gained working out in the field before moving over to recruitment, means they know what a role entails and understand it from the candidate’s point of view.