Psychometric and Skills Testing

Verse Group perform psychometric and skills testing when requested by clients. This service ensures candidates have the right level of skills needed to be successful in a role or will be a good cultural fit for the organisation.

The tests are a valuable selection tool, especially when conducted according to the job or company specifications. Standard or customised tests can be used depending on your requirements.

Skills Testing

Clients have a wide range of assessment and skill level testing to choose from. The web-based testing can also be created to test candidates’ skills in multiple areas of the role including:

The skills tests are also suitable for skills assessment of your current employees. The quick training tool can highlight areas that need improvement. Results can be emailed directly to employees after completion of the test.

Psychometric Testing

There are some psychometric tests for identifying candidates who are well suited to an organisation by matching the ability, work preferences, values and behaviour of the candidate to the company.

In most cases, a person is not suitable for a particular job because they are the wrong fit. To reduce the risk of this occurring, testing candidates against your position requirements and organisational values ensures that the most suitable candidates are short-listed and selected for the role.

Tests available include:

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